Ghost Belt Conceal and Carry Gun Belt 
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History of the Ghost
Hi, I’m Buddy, Inventor and Owner of "The GHOST" belt Conceal and Carry Gun Belt Holster.  I’m Proud to be an American and I’m a Second Generation Navy Veteran.  My Son is Third Generation Navy and his Son is only 8 years old, so we’ll see…

The Safe and Proper Use and Handling of Firearms has Long been a subject close to my heart. Training detailing the deadly power of hand guns, the responsibility of safely using them, and the finality of their discharge is necessary to teach all persons who reside where guns are kept. Relating to children the deadly consequences of mishandling a gun de-mystifies their curiosity and teaches them to respect every gun as if it is loaded and dangerous, and to always have adult supervision when around weapons of any kind.

The features I needed in a carrier or holster were unattainable in any of the conventional and not so conventional products on the market:

Comfort, accessibility, a place for an additional magazine or speed loader, not bulky, easily concealed, could accommodate my weapon of choice without having to buy another item, to name a few.

The GHOST belt meets and exceeds all my needs and expectations. A weapon out of reach in your pocket when sitting is trouble to get at. At my age and after back surgery and bad shoulders, at my back, down in my pants, poking and podgeing straps and clips were not an option.  I told my wife what I needed and she designed and made it, with much supervision from me, of course!

You need a concealed carrier that is where you need it -at your fingertips-easily and quickly accessed when faced with a dangerous situation. With my GHOST belt,you are prepared in an emergency. Thus, The Ghost belt came to be.  

If you want these same features I’ve listed, The GHOST belt is right for you. Quality construction and materials are used to insure a solid product. This product is not just for one gun. You may use it for many calibers up to a 1911. I would not advise anything heavier or longer. So you buy one belt for many different weapons. 

My purpose is to aid in protecting your safety. Please understand, I am not advocating that you should shoot anyone. When you discharge the weapon, the loud noise alone will startle your assailant for a split second. That may be the second that saves your life. You can open the car door and roll out of the vehicle, wrench out of their grasp and get away, the noise will draw the attention of others in your surrounding environment. Even if no one intervenes, they may call 911. 

The GHOST belt keeps your weapon where you need it, when you need it. With our Satisfaction Guarantee, we will give a Refund of Purchase Price if you are unhappy with The GHOST belt, it is a win-win choice. Order yours today.